New Years Drinks

Drinking Games

Here is a collection of drinking games to play while drinking, we hope you enjoy them! Each drinking game has instructions on how to play them as well as a severity of drunkeness expected. To suggest new drinking games email us. We add the new games approximately once a month so check back often.

Name Type Buzz Factor
(NEW) Black Jack Card Medium-High
(NEW) Crazy 8's 2 Card Medium-High
(NEW) Forfeit Dice High
(NEW) Magic Card's Card High
(NEW) Man vs Wild Television High
(NEW) Queen's & Jacks Card Medium-High
(NEW) Risk Board Game High
(NEW) Scattegories ---- Medium-High
(NEW) Six Cups Dice High
(NEW) Uno Card Medium-High
(NEW) War 2 Dice High

1-2-3 Dice High
1-3-5 Dice High
3-Man Dice High
3rd and 9 Sports Medium
7, 11, Doubles Dice High
Ally McBeal TV/Movie High
Asshole Card Very High
Baseball Coin Very High
BatBeer Movie/TV Mid
Beat the Barman Endurance Very Very High
Beer 99 Card/Math Mid
Beer Blow Card High
Beer Bomb Skill High
Beer Bungee Strength (?) Low-Mid
Beer Hunter Luck Mid
Beer Pot Skill (?) Very High
Beer Race Speed Potentially Very High
Beeramid Card Very High
BeerChesi Parchesi Low-Mid
Beer Chess Chess Very Very High
BeerGammon Backgammon Low-Mid
Beeropoly Monopoly Very Very High
Beer Pong Ping Pong Mid
Beers for Cheers TV Low-Mid
Beirut Skill Very Very High
Boat Races Speed Very High
Boom Verbal Medium
BoonDock Movie Medium
Bouncing Ball Vocal Mid
Buffalo Hands High
Bullshit Card High
Brain Damage Card High-Very High
Buzz Vocal Low
Candyland Card High
Caps Skill Mid-High
Caps 2 Skill High
Cardinal Puff ---- -----
Case Race Endurance High
Categories Vocal Low
Century Club Endurance Very Very High
Chandaliers Coin Very High
Checkers Checkers Very High
China Man Verbal Very High
Chutes and Ladders Board Game High
Circle of Death Card Very High
Crazy 8's Card Very High
DeadWood TV Show Very High
Death Ring Card Very Very High
DemZem Card Medium
Dennis Miller TV Very High
Dice Dice Very High
Dictator Card Very High
Dominoes Dominoes Low-Mid
Drink or Dare Verbal Very High
Drink Mother Fucker Verbal Medium
iDrinkopoly Monopoly Very High
Drop the Dime Skill Mid-High
Drug Dealer Card Mid-High
Drunk Driver Card Very High
Drunk Warz Card Very High
Edward 40 hands Endurance Very High
Eurovision Song Contest TV/Movie High
Everybody Loves Raymond TV Show High
Flip a Cup Endurance Medium
Flip the Cup Skill Extremely High
Flong Ping Pong High
Football Sports Medium
Fuck You Card Very High
Fuzzy Duck Vocal Low-Mid
Give One, Take One Card High
Go Fish Card Mid-High
Goonies Movie Medium
Graduation Spectator Very High
Guess the Note Music Low
Hi Bob TV Mid-High
Hide and seek Other Low
High or Low Card High
Hockey Card Medium
Hokuto-no-beer TV Varies
Ibble Dribble Vocal Mid-High
Ice Tray Quarters Coin High
Indian Poker Card High
It ---- Low
I Never Vocal Low-Mid
James Bond Movie Mid
Jenga Skill Mid
Jerry Springer TV/Movie Very High
Keg Stand Endurance Very Very High
Kill the Keg Endurance Very Very High
Kings Card Mid-High
Kings 2 Card High
Kings and Blood Card Very High
Kings Cup Card Medium
Kings Cup 2 Card High
Land Mines Coin Very High
Land Mines 2 Coin Very High
Leaving Las Vegas Movie Very High
Letters Vocal Low
Libya Skill Very High
Lighters Card High
Man on the Blue Roof Strength (?) Low
March of the Penguins Movie Medium
Master of the Thumb ---- Low
Mexicali Card Very Very High
Mexican Dice Mid
Mexico Dice Very High
Mexican Quarters Coin Very High
Monk TV Show Medium
Multi Various Mid
Multiple Party Game Other High
MXC TV Show High
Name Game Vocal High
Never Have I Ever Verbal Medium
New Orleans Punks Card Very High
Nightmare before Christmas Movie Very High
Nothing Dice Low-Medium
One Big Chicken Vocal High
Pennies in a Pitcher Coin High
Peuchre Card Mid-High
Postmodernism Intellectual(?) Very Low
Power Hour Endurance Very High
Pub Crawl Speed/Travel High
Pursuit Skill High
Pyramids Card High
Quarters Skill/Coin High
Queens Card Mid
Questions Vocal Mid
Rainman TV Low
Red and Black Card Very High
Red Dwarf TV/Movie Extremely High
Red Black #2 Card Very High
Red Wings Sports Very High
Ren and Stimpy TV Low-Mid
Rhyme Vocal Low
Rimmers Coin High
Roxanne Music Very High
Rudolph, Red Nosed Reindeer TV/Movie Medium
Rules of the game coin depends...
Russian Beer Roulette Luck High
Scarface Movie Medium
Scud Attack TV Very Low
Sentences Vocal Low
Shirt Verbal High
Shotgun Speed Very High
Shra Card High
Simpsons TV High
Sink the Battleship Skill Mid-High
Sixes Dice Very High
Sixty Seconds Endurance Very Very High
S-M-A-S-H TV Very High
Smash Ball Billards Very High
Smile Adult Low
Snap Card Very High
Speed Quarters Coin High
Spinners Coin Low
States Vocal Varies
Star Trek TV Mid-High
Star Trek - DS9 TV Mid
Star Trek - TNG TV Very High
Star Wars TV/Movie High
"Strange Brew" Movie Very High
Stripes/Solids Billiards Very High
Suck and Blow Misc Low
Suits Card Medium
Super Quarters Coin Very High
Taps Coin Low-Mid
The Tower Dice High
The Big Lebowski Movie Very High
The Family Guy TV Show High
The Family Guy 2 TV Shows Medium
The Hundred Club Endurance Very High
The iDRINK Game Verbal Very High
The Platoon Movie Medium
The Ultimate Race Card Very High
The Vegetable Game Vocal Medium
The Who Movie Medium
Thirty One Card Very High
Three Man Dice High-Very High
Threshold Dice/Coin Very High
Thumper Vocal/Hands Low-Mid
Thunder Music Very High
Top Gun Movie Very High
Trapped Card Mid
Trivial Pursuit Board Low-Mid
Tsunami Card Medium
TV Characters TV High
Twenty-One Aces Dice High
Tympani Jerry Lewis varies greatly
Ultimate loser Card High
Unlucky Endurance High
Up and Down the River Card Very High
Viking Hand Low
Walla Walla Card Medium
War for Beer Card Medium
Waterfall Card Very High
Whales Tales Vocal High
Who Shit Vocal Low-Mid
Whoville Dr. Suess High
Wrestling TV Show Medium
Wuss Douchebag Fucker Vocal Low
X-files TV/Movie High
Zambrano Sports Low
Zonk Dice Medium

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