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Rules to 3-Man:

This game is called 3-Man.  You need a couple dice and 3 or more people. 
It's pretty simple and is similar to other drinking games. Roll the dice 
and you do these options.

The first person to roll a 3 (or value of 3, like a 2 & 1) is declaired 
3-Man. The person must drink everytime a 3 (or value of 3) is rolled. He
is 3-Man until they roll a 3 on their turn.  When they do, they can assign
3-Man to anyone they chose playing the game.

1 & 1 = make a rule (ie: no names are to be used) and give one drink to 

Any doubles = give face value in drinks to anyone (ie: two 5's is give 5 
drinks to whom ever you wish)

4 & 1 = Touch your nose. The last person to touch their nose drinks

Anything equaling 9 is sociables (when everyone drinks), or a shot is taken
by whom ever rolls 9, or we've done catagories where the person who rolled 
picks a catagory (ie: brands of beer, Bud, Canadian, Pilsner). A person 
drinks when they are left stumped. We've found this takes to long and not 
enough drinking is being done and you have to think. So we like to play with 
the sociable option. Of course, which option is used is decided before the 
game begins.

Anything equaling 7 means the person to the left of the roller drinks.

Anything equaling 11 means the person to the right drinks.

The roller keeps rolling until they get nothing. ie: a 4 & 2 or 6 & 4 ...  
When they get nothing they pass the dice to the left.

Double 3's means the roller gives 3 drinks (for rolling doubles) and 3-Man 
drinks twice.

If the a 4 & 3 are rolled 3-Man drinks and the person to the left for 
equaling 7. Get it?

The more people playing the longer 3-Man has to stay 3-Man. 3-Man can't leave
the game until he gives 3-Man away. 

Submitted By: Ben Tredger

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