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	Simple game, low buzz factor. None the less entertaining when 
a good buzz is already attained. Required supplies: people, and of course,
	Sit in a circle. The first player says 'one,' the next player
says 'two,' and so on down the line. However, when someone reaches
a number that is divisible by 7, s/he says "buzz."

	If the player misses a "buzz" when needed, or when an unnecessary
"buzz" occurs, that player drinks.

	The obvious challenge is to see how high of a number can be 
attained; but this also means very little drinking. The known current
record is over 1200.

	Variation: An honest "buzz" would change the direction of
the circle. Or add '11' into the rotation and say 'Bizz' for divisibles
of 11. In this case, watch out for 77.

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