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						Flip a cup
You need a table, lots of beer, cups(plastic disposable), a 
pitcher, 2 teams of about 4 people on each side of the table. 
This game tends to make a mess. Each person lines there cup 
in front of them and fills cup with beer about half way full. 
Fill a pitcher up with the remaining beer. The The two end 
people will start first...this is a racing game....the 2 
starters will then quickly pick up there cups, drink there 
beer and place the cup face down on the table leaving a  
little bit off the end...they will then use there hands and 
start fliping there cup until it lands staight up.  Once 
they get there cup up, the next person does the same thing, 
and so on until the last person of the team has fliped there 
cup. Only one person at a time on a team can be flipping a 
cup and they have to make sure that they drank there beer 
first before the can start flippin their cup.The losing 
team then has to split the pitcher up and drink the beer 
in it.  the point of the game is to see which team ends 
up having all there cups fliped.  When you are finished, 
each person moves a spot to the left so that the teams get 
switched every time. 
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