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Speed Quarters
	This one is said to be more fun than the original game. This one
doesn't allow for those certain people to concentrate for half-an-hour while
everyone else gets bored.  The cardinal rule in this game is - you snooze,
you loose! Supplies: people, beer, a shallow glass, and two quarters.
  	Situate everyone in a circle.  Give the two quarters to two
people opposite each other in the circle (or as opposite as possible).
Then, say "GO!" and the two people try to bounce their quarters into the
same glass. They get as many tries as it takes and can take as long as they
want...BUT when one does make it in, that person passes his/her quarter to 
the person on their left. Then this person must bounce the quarter in. 
This goes on until a person gets passed a quarter when s/he already has a 
quarter.  This person then must drink some beer, you choose the amount.  

	Sometimes, depending on the number of people playing, it's better
to play with two glasses. Then both the quarter and glass get passed
after a successful attempt.

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