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	This is a very simple game to play. It is best played with a group
of 3-6 players. Necessary equipment: deck of cards, people and beer.
	The deal alternates clockwise. All of the cards are dealt out face 
down to each player. The players should make sure to keep their hand hidden 
from the other players. 
	Play begins with the player seated clockwise from the dealer. That
player lays down any card he/she wishes. The next players (clockwise)
need to lay down the same face value card (1 per player) as the previous 
	When the play gets to someone who does not have a card of the same 
face value, that player becomes 'trapped' and must take a drink. The next 
player may then play any card. If the 'trapped' player doesn't have that card
they remain trapped, and must take another drink. Then plays shifts back to 
the other player adjacent to the trapped player. This person then plays any 
card. This goes back and forth until the 'trapped' player becomes untrapped by 
playing the same face value card as one of the adjacent players.
	Play continues until a player plays their last card. Once this 
happens, the rest of the players must count their remaining cards and take 
that many drinks.

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