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All you need is 4 people, a deck of cards, and 
plenty of beer.

First, the players divide into teams of 2. Partners 
sit across the table from each other. The cards are 
all dealt out. The point of the game is to score the 
most points. You score a point every time you lay the 
card of the same value as the person before you laid. 
To make things more interesting, there are "safe cards": 
Eights and Jacks. You cannot lay a safe card on another 
safe card (i.e. no 8 on 8, J on J, 8 on J, J on 8).

The team that was scored upon drinks until told to stop 
by a member of the scoring team (this explains the 
variation in the buzz factor). After each point, the 
cards are cleared by the scoring team (be sure to keep 
track of each point for scoring purposes). After all the 
cards have been laid, that's the end of a period.

As in the actual game of hockey, there are 3 periods. 
The person to the left of period 1's dealer becomes the 
new dealer, and the same rules apply.

Keep score like this:

End of period 1:
Team 1 scored 5 points  -  Team 2 scored 12 points
Team 2 leads 7-0 after 1 period

End of period 2:
Team 1 scored 7 points  -  Team 2 scored 8 points
Team 2 now leads 8-0 after 2 periods (7+(8-7))

End of period 3:
Team 1 scored 15 points  -  Team 2 scored 3 points
Team 1 wins, 4-0 (15-3=12; 12-8=4)

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