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						New Orleans Punks and Skins Circle of Death

ingredients: one (1) deck of cards
             a lot (a lot) of beer

Arrange the playing cards on a table or the floor in two circles, one
inside the other, with a small pile of cards in the middle. Everyone sits
in a circle around the cards. The first player points to a card in the
outer ring and the person to their left (second player) guesses black or
red. The first player flips the card revealing whether it is a black or
red card. If the second player has guessed correctly then the first player
drinks but if they are wrong then they have to drink. The player who
drinks chugs their beer while the other player counts to the number on the
card (at any rate they choose). Jacks, queens, and kings are 11-13. Aces
can be high (14) or low (1) by a decision at the beginning of the game or
this can be decided each time one comes up by the player who is not
drinking. It gets intense when you finish the first ring and move into the
second where times are doubled. If anyone is still standing the third ring
is triple count.

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