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The X-Files Drinking Game

To play this game you, obviously, need some episodes 
of X-Files and something to drink. Here at Vorpal 
we usually take sips and gulps of beer, wine, White 
Russians or other mixed drinks. If you want to get 
tanked, we recommend a whole lot of pre-poured shots 
or half-shots laid out on the table, with beer to 
nurse in between. Constantly re-pouring shot glasses 
is a pain in the ass if the show's a good one.

Do not be shy about yelling out, "DRINK!" if no one 
else is paying attention. Whoever yells "DRINK!" 
first does not have to take a sip.

One Sip:
Mulder utters a wry witticism or "Mulderism" (two sips if Scully actually smiles as a result). 
Mulder or Scully smile. 
See numbers 10, 13, or 10/13 (Chris Carter's wife's birthday), or 11/21 (Chris Carter's birthday).
We don't really know which is whose birthday. 
Any character, including Mulder or Scully, shows their badge. 
Mulder s called "Fox." 
Scully is called "Dana." 
Mulder eats sunflower seeds. 
Reference is made to Mulder's obsession with porn. 
Mulder talks to Deep Throat or Mr. X. 
A computer does something computers cannot do. 
You see Smoking Man (smoking or not). 
Mulder or Scully call each other on cell phone and say, "It's me" or "Where are you?" 
Scully gives some long "scientific" explanation. 
Scully does an autopsy. 
Mulder or Scully is using a car-battery-powered Super-Flashlight. 
Mulder happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case. 
Scully misses the proof of a paranormal event. 
Mulder goes into a dark room and yells, "SCULLY!?!" 
Scully goes into a dark room and yells, "MULDER!?!" 
Scully calls a connection/evidence "purely circumstantial" or "scientifically impossible." 
Skinner is seen outside of FBI Headquarters. 
Lone Gunmen appear/are consulted. 
Mulder loses or destroys his overcoat, and later appears wearing it again as if nothing had happened. 

Two sips:
Scully happens to know/notice some obscure fact which later helps solve the case. 
Scully gets kidnapped. 
Mulder and Scully actually touch each other, anywhere, anyhow. 
Smoking Man smokes in front of a "No Smoking" sign. 
Mulder's sister is mentioned (by him or anyone else). 
Mulder actually watches porn, or there is physical evidence of porno. 
Mulder puts a masking-tape X on the window. 
Scully wears any footwear other than pumps. 
Scully tells Mulder to "get some sleep." 
A mutant/alien/monster kills someone. 
Mulder is called "Spooky." 
Scully is called "Starbuck." 
Mulder is seen in his underwear or a Speedo swimsuit. 
Scully smokes a cigarette, or Mulder has a drink. 
Mulder or Scully actually shoot their guns. 
They drive a car other than a Ford Taurus. 
Scully drives. 
Credits say something other than "The Truth is Out There." 
Mulder or Scully have a date or romantic encounter (not with each other). 
Well-Manicured Man (or any other of the mysterious cabal) appears. 

One Big Gulp:
Mulder and Scully kiss or say, "I love you." 
You actually see an alien or UFO. 

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