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The Vegetable Game

This game works best after a few drinks. It is 
quite similar to Thumper without the pounding.

The object of the game is to speak without 
ever showing your teeth by hiding them with 
your lips curled over them. The game starts by 
each person choosing the name of a vegetable. That 
will be their call name. The first person to go 
will say their name twice then choose another 
person by saying their name twice. That person 
will then continue by saying their name twice 
and "calling" another person.

First Person: Broccoli, Broccoli calls Asparagus, Asparagus
Second Person: Asparagus, Asparagus calls Lettuce, Lettuce

Usually people feel, sound and look so ridiculous 
trying to say their names that everyone starts laughing - 
thus showing their teeth - resulting in a drink fest. 
If you can laugh and still hide your teeth then you 
haven't had enough to drink beforehand.

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