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Stripes and Solids

	Finally a game for the billiards player. A challenging game
with a High buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and your favorite
pool table.
  	This game is a variant on just plain 8 ball. However, the set up is 
quite different. All of the solid balls are placed in a cluster over the dot. 
The set up should look something like this:  (The 8 ball is over the dot)
                           1    8    2
                           3    6    4

	Meanwhile, the stripes are placed along the side rails, two balls
1/4 of the way from the side pockets, two more half way, two more 3/4
of the way, and one centered between the two corner pockets on the end.

			|		|
			|	        |
			|		|	* = striped ball
		       (		 )
			|*	       *|	X = collection of solids
			|*	X      *|
			|*	*      *|

  	If a player sinks a solid ball, the player gets to give out the number
of the ball in healthy swigs of beer. If a player sinks a stripe, the player 
must drink the number of the ball. In the event of a scratch, the player must 
finish his/her drink. When all of the stripes have been sunk, the game is 
over. Until that point, whenever there is only one solid left on the table, 
all the other solids are placed on the table with the five position deleted.

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