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	This game is similar to the game "Libya" but more violent. You can 
play with more people and of course more beers. You'll need the same gear
as with "Libya," cups, ping pong balls, a long table, beer, and participants.
	You fashion the cups in a pyramid with a base as large as of however 
drunk you want to be. When Team 1 lands a ball in a full cup, Team 2 must 
drink it. However, unlike "Libya", do not remove the cup.  Drink it and place 
it back where it was.  Now if Team 1 lands the ball in any empty cup, Team 1 
must drink a penalty from beer not on the table.
	Keep firing until all the cups on one team have been drained.  Once 
this happens, the losing team (the one with no full cups left) must drink the
remaining cups from the other team. Again, very simple

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