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Give One, Take One

You need a deck of cards. Before playing, the deck 
is shuffled and cut.

The host is original dealer. Dealer changes each 
time the last card is flipped on the deck.

Each player is dealt 3 cards, face up. The dealer 
asks the person to their right, "give or take?" (We 
will pretend the individual said give). The first 
card remaining on the deck is turned face up. Any player 
that has the matching card instructs any player of 
their choice to take a drink. They must comply. If 
the player with the matching card has two of the same 
card, the player may instruct two different individuals 
to take a drink, or may "give" both drinks to one 

The next card is turned over "give 2". Any player having 
that matching card instructs another player to take 2 
drinks. Next card, "give 3".

Next card is "take 1". You got it. If you have a 
matching card, you take a drink. Of course, if you 
have 2 matching cards, double whatever number you are on.

Continue "give 2, give 3", and start all over with 
"take 1". When the deck is completely flipped, pass 
the deck to the next dealer.

When you can no longer read the cards, stop playing

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