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Number of players:	minimum of two
Equipment: 		at least two cups (standard keg cups work great)
	   		as many bottle caps as you can get a hold of 
The game:
Players sit approx 10 feet from each other on the floor (depends on the size of
the room and the skill of the players). Players alternately flip the bottle 
caps at each others goal - the cup, which is filled about half way with water 
(this prevents caps from popping out).  If a player makes a shot he scores one 
point; however the opposing player is allowed the chance to "cancel" the point 
by making his next shot.  If the opposing player misses his cancel shot he is 
required to take one drink (we generally equate six points to one 12oz beer - 
no milking).  If the opposing player makes his cancel shot, no points are 
immediately scored.  Player one shoots again and if he misses he must drink 
once (no points).  If he makes his second shot it is once again up to player 
two to cancel - if he misses he drinks twice, if he makes then player one must 
make or else drink twice.  This can go on to the point where a player must 
chug his whole beer before he can shoot again - only one point is awarded, 
The only other rule is that any ricochets are worth two points (i.e. a bounce 
off the floor, or a thigh, or the wall.  To cancel, player two must ricochet 
his cap also.  If he just makes a normal shot he cancels out one of the two 
points and must take a drink.
Games generally go to 15 and you must win by two.
We have played this with as many as four people to a team, or if your room is 
large enough you can spread individuals into various formations for individual 
This game was originally played with your beer in the cup that was being shot 
at - it got pretty disgusting - use the water method.  Not only did beer get 
all over the carpets/floors but whatever was on the carpets/floors got in your 
beer.  Blech.

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