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	Simple game for highly energetic people. Low buzz factor.
Required supplies: people and beer.

	The first thing to do is for each person to choose a hand
gesture that they would like to have represent him/her during the game.
Can be simple, polite, or sexually enticing, but it must be SHORT.

	Everyone sits in a circle, everyone starts the game by
"drumming" their hands on the table or floor or whatever the playing
surface may be. During the drumming, someone says "WHAT"S THE NAME
OF THE GAME?" everyone responds with "THUMPER!!!" then the leader
says "AND WHY DO WE PLAY THE GAME?" responded with "TO GET FUCKED UP!!"

	At this point the leader performs his/her own hand gesture,
immediately followed by the gesture of any other player. This player
then performs his/her own gesture followed by another players, etc..
and so on. When a cue is missed or when someone responds too slowly,
the "violator" must drink. This person then is the leader for the
next round.

	Also be creative with what is said during the drumming, it's
not limited to the above two questions. You could also call a slo-motion
or high speed switch at anytime.

	The game takes a lot of emotional involvement, good when played
when everyone's hyper because there's no where to go, or nothing better
to do.

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