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Red Wings Drinking Game

For all you Red Wings fans out there, this game 
was created to add order to your pathetic drinking:

#drinks Event 
1  Osgood makes a save  
+3  Osgood makes a save on a breakaway  
1  Osgood attempts to play the puck  
+1  If he turns it over  
+2  If the opposition scores because of it  
1  A Wing delivers a solid bodycheck  
+2  If it is a "mid-ice" check  
+2  If the victim falls to the ice  
+5  If the victim loses a helmet  
+7  If the victim is out of game w/injury  
2  If there is a fight  
+3  If it is right off the face-off  
+2  If it is Kocur  
+4  If it is Yzerman or Fedorov  
+3  If he picked the fight  
+5  If he wins it  
+5  All five skaters from each side  
2  Wings score  
3  Power Play  
4  Shorthanded  
+2  If the scorers name ends with -ov  
+5  If its the playoffs  
+2  If it's scored by Shanahan or Yzerman  
+2  If it's Lidstrom from the point  
+7  If it's scored by Osgood  
2  If the puck hits a ref or linesman  
1  If a player runs into a ref or linesman  
+2  If the ref or linesman falls down  
+5  If the player falls down but ref doesn't  
1  A Wing drives the net  
+2  If he runs into goalie (must be hit, not just grazed)  
+3  If he knocks the net off its moorings  
1  Whenever a player blocks a shot  
+1  If it's Lidstrom  
+2  If it's Yzerman  
+5  If it's Fedorov  
1  Every time a player spits on camera  
?  However long a player drinks from their bottle  
2  An opposing player gets a game misconduct  
1  Whenever a player is mentioned as part of trade or aquisition  
3  An octopus is thrown on ice  
1  Whenever a Little Caesar's commercial is played during game  
Drain  Wings win the game  
x2  If it's a division rivalry  
x2  Overtime  

NOTE: +# represents how many additional drinks should be added to the original number.
Example: If the Wings score and it's Fedorov from Yzerman: 1+2+2=5 drinks. 

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