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	As the name implies, dictator is another "abuse of power game," 
such as "Asshole." Standard supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards. Of
course, a bad joke egarding potatoes always comes to mind, but 
that's a different story.
	Begin play by have all players draw a card. The player with the 
highest card is the dictator. The dictator then announces some card-based 
condition(s) and deals out as many cards as he likes (try to keep it less 
than 5 per player). For every card a player has that meets the announced
conditions, they take a drink. The dictator is also dealt a hand of cards, 
except giving, rather than taking drinks. After dealing, the dictatorship 
passes to the left.
	Easy conditions are: all odd cards, all red cards, etc (as always,
be creative). Conditions can be combined. For example: if the conditions are 
all red cards drink once, all even cards drink once, and all aces drink twice, 
then a player with the ace of hearts would drink four times (face cards are 
Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13, and Ace=14).
	Variation:  The dictator can use other non-card based conditions 
as they want. This is the reason and rationale of being dictator, to change 
the rules as you please and keep the game interesting.  

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