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						Land Mines 2

What you need:  - A quarter (or one for each individual)
                - A plethora of bottled beer (must be bottles - not cans)
                - A table (preferrably one that is sturdy and won't 
                - At least 3+ people (can use as many as the table will 
                  fit around it)

How to play:
This game can get people totally blitzed if played long enough, because 
the game doesn't end until you decide to quit. Even though bottles can 
be more destructive - to the table - we chose to remove cans from the 
game and use bottles instead. It's too easy to trap a quarter under a can.
Pick a random person to start the game (the loser from a previous 
drinking game can be forced to start this one just to be plain mean).
Everyone starts off with a FULL beer, so if you have one that's been
drunk out of, chug it before the game starts. The table must be 
completely clear at this time.
The first person spins the quarter and must place/slam the bottle on 
the quarter while it is still spinning - called a Pin - keeping the 
quarter under the bottle. Now if the quarter loses its spin and starts 
to fall, or if the quarter is knocked out from under the bottle, or the 
quarter goes off of the table, etc. the spinner must drink (we make it 
about 2 good swigs, 3+ for nights when we have LOTS of beer and plan on 
getting totally blitzed). It stays that person's turn until he/she 
successfully Pins the quarter under his/her bottle, and then Play moves 
to the person on his/her left.
Once a beer is emptied by an individual he/she opens a new one. The empty 
one then becomes a Landmine. Any player with a Landmine can use it to pin 
someone else's quarter while they are spinning. If the Plant is successful, 
the bottle becomes a Landmine and stays in that spot for the remainder of 
the game, and the Spinner must drink. The Spinner must then go again until 
the he/she successfully Pins the quarter. However if the Plant is 
unsuccessful, the Planter loses the landmine permanently and must drink. 
Play then moves the the Spinners left.
Eventually the table will be covered with Landmines, making it very hard to 
spin the quarter. It's quite fun to gang up on people and Plant Landmines as 
close to them as possible. Now if the quarter hits a Landmine but bounces off 
and still has a good spin, then the person who spinned the quarter can still 
Pin it. Therefore, the quarter hitting the Landmine DOES NOT neccessarily mean 
the spinner has to drink.
Players can save up Landmines and use them at their will. They do not have to 
use a Landmine before being allowed another. So there is some incentive to 
having to drink a lot in this game.
Players must also REMAIN in their seat to spin the quarter. So if Landmines are 
in the way, they have to reach around them and somehow spin the quarter. Failing 
to do so may result in punishment decided at the beginning of the game (we usually 
make the person chug an entire beer).
ALSO: To make the game a little more interesting, sometimes during the game, when 
everyone is out of Landmines, we'll distribute one Landmine to each player out of 
the discarded bottles (Missed Plants). This can make it quite interesting and adds 
a little spice to the game.

Submitted by: Joseph Hoffman

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