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						3rd and 9

idea: while watching a football game, anytime 
your favorite team has a 3rd down and 9 yards to 
go situation, you do a shot. remember, you should 
be drinking beer continuously while watching football.
Only 3rd down and 9 counts. No 3rd and 8, no 3rd 
and 10.

recommended variation: If team encounters a 3rd and 19, 
do a double shot. If team encounters a 3rd and 29, 
tilt bottle and drink for 3 seconds. If team encounters 
3rd and 39 - pray. 
Alternate variation: Any team encounters a 3rd and 9 do 
a shot. Very dangerous if you have NFL Sunday Ticket 
and you are a channel surfer.
Works well for college games since they are played on 
Saturday and you have Sunday to recover.
Submitted by Phill R.

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