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Twenty-One Aces

     	This is a good game to start in a Bar. Simple, straight-forward,
no gray areas. Mid-high buzz factor. Supplies: people in a bar (preferably
ones you know, or people you want to know), and five dice.

     	The game is played by counting the "ones" that are rolled. The person 
who rolls the seventh 'one' gets to pick the shot that will be consumed at 
the end of the game.  The person who rolls the fourteenth "ace" gets the 
honor of paying for the shot.  The person who rolls the twenty-first ace 
has to drink the shot.  Play the game by taking die out of the roll so that
you only have one dice left when the twenty-first ace is rolled.
	For example:

                         Count  | # dice rolled
                        1-16    |    5
                          17    |    4
                          18    |    3
                          19    |    2
                          20    |    1
                          21    | You Drink

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