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						Kings Cup

Supplies: Jenga, A stein (the kings cup), 4 or more people, Beer.

This game is like jenga with mini drinking games during it. Divide the 
jenga Pieces evenly into 7 piles and for each pile write words or 
phrases on each piece in the pile.  Then set the stack up.  Every time 
someone pulls:

Questions - The person asks the person to his left a question.  Then the 
person asks a question in response, directed at the person to HIS left 
Etc. etc.
Rhyme time - The person says a word and the person to the left rhymes it 
Rule - The person that draws this Gets to make a rule (E.G.  Every time 
someone takes a drink, So and so has to as well
Waterfall - The person starts drinking for as long as he can and then 
the person to his left starts untill everyone is drinking.  When the 
First person stops drinking the next person can stop or keep drinking.  
Then when he stops drinking the next person has the same option Etc, 
until noone is left drinking
Kings Cup - The person Pours a drink into the kings cup
Take a Drink - The person has to take a drink
Give a Drink - The person Makes someone else drink

This goes on until someone Knocks the stack over.  That person has to 
chug the kings cup. Interesting if there is a lot of different drinks in 

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