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	A physically and mentally "challenging" game. Low buzz factor.
Supplies: people, beer, and a quarter.

	A group of people sit around a flat table with one quarter. One 
person takes the quarter and stands it on edge on the table, holding
it with the end of his/her finger.  with his other hand, (or with the same
hand holding the quarter), he hits the quarter, causing it to spin (like a top)
across the table.  
	Immediately after "spinning" the quarter, he/she calls the name of 
someone else sitting at the table.  This person must then do one of two things:
	1) stop the quarter from spinning by capturing it (still on edge) with 
	   the tip of his/her index finger.		   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

	2) hit the quarter using his/her finger so that it continues to spin 
	   on edge; after which they call someone else's name.
	If the person who "spins" the quarter causes the quarter to spin off 
the table when they hit it, he/she must take a drink.

	If the quarter stops spinning and lands flat before the "receiver" 
manages to catch or spin the quarter, he/she must drink, and the original 
"spinner" gets to spin the quarter again.

	Rules can also be added regarding such things as if the quarter stops,
who drinks when it is heads, or when tails.

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