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for the tv show 'man vs wild' hosted by bear grylls

supplies: an episode of man vs wild, drinks of choice


1. When Bear jumps out of a plane or helicopter all players must start
consuming their beverage until he touches down, or until they finish
their drink.

2. Whenever Bear kills something, pour some of your drink into the ‘dirty pint’

3. Whenever Bear eats something, take a drink. If it’s alive, take
another drink.

4. When Bear drinks anything (hoping it’s clean water) all players
must drink with him.

5. When Bear participates in any form of extreme exercise (e.g. rock
climbing, swimming etc.) all participants must consume their beverage
until he or their beverage finishes.

6. Whenever Bear talks about people in extreme situations:
If the outcome is they survived all players must drink.
If the outcome is they died all players must pour some drink into the
‘dirty pint.’

7. When Bear lights a fire all players must drink some of the beverage
belonging to the player to their left.

8. Whenever bear says the words ‘Hey look .........’ all players must
point at Bear. Last one to do so drinks.

9. Whenever Bear complains about his surroundings all players must
pour some of their beverage into the ‘dirty pint’.

10. Whenever Bear reaches a stream or river all players must take a
drink from the ‘dirty pint’ (going first name alphabetically). – if
there is no drink left in the dirty pint count yourself lucky!

11. Whenever bear goes for high ground, or says he is, all players
must attempt to find ‘high ground’ within the room. The player lowest
after 10 seconds must finish his drink.

12. Whenever Bear mentions something he learned in the army, take a drink.

13. Whenever Bear mentions protein in any way, take a drink.

14. Whenever Bear takes off clothing: take a drink for each article he
removes. If he strips down completely, finish your drink.

15. When Bear finds his way out of the wilderness, all players race to
finish their drink. Last one to finish must consume the ‘dirty pint’.

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