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Best played with 5 or more people.

What you need:
You need one coffee mug per person, preferably ones that are of equal 
diameter, but noticably different so that each person knows which mug is 
One tall glass

Fill the tall glass with approx. one can of beer. Fill the coffee mugs with 
beer as well.  Arrange the mugs in a circle around the tall glass in the 
middle of a table (like a dirty ass chandelier, hence the name of the game).

Players take turns bouncing quarters at the arrangement of mugs around the 
glass.  If you put the quarter into a mug, the owner of that mug must drink 
from it.  The amount they drink is up to them.  This includes you drinking 
from your own cup should you land the quarter in there.

Sounds simple right?  Well, the hammer falls when the quarter gets dropped 
into the tall center cup.  When this happens, it becomes a chugging contest. 
  As soon as the quarter drops in, everyone grabs their mug, chugs the beer, 
and slams it down.  The last person to finish their mug has to retrieve the 
quarter by chugging the beer in the tall glass.  Speed and skill count it's 
a great game!

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