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						Deck of cards, empty can of pop/beer, lots of beer and people. 
Best played with 4-6 players.
What you do:
Place the empty can in the middle of the table and spread
 the cards out on the table face down.
The game begins with whoever wants to start and then goes 
to their left(clockwise). 
Red or Black, which is it? (determined before you flip over 
the card) If correct, give out # value to anyone you want, 
split it up if you want to. If your wrong, you must drink the # value.
From 2 to 10 the drink value is the # on the card(ie. A 2 of 
clubs is two drinks, 10 of clubs is 10 drinks). We play with 
face cards(J,Q,K, & A) being 1, but you can make them what you want.
During your turn, you must also place the card you turned 
over on the can with at least two corners of the card not 
touching any other card, the cards start to hang over the 
table from the cand and eventually make it look like a mushroom, 
finese is a key here, because a rough drop or a shaky hand can 
cause the cards to fall. When/if this happens the person who 
knocked it off must finish what ever is left in their beer, or, 
count up all the cards that fell off, and that total is what 
they have to drink, I have played this game 4 times and its 
fallen 3 times.

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