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Beer Pong

	Just like ping-pong, this can be played either in singles or 
doubles. Supplies: players, beer, and a ping-pong table (or make your
own, described later).
	Each player fills a cup with beer and places it one paddle-width from 
the end of the table, in the center (or a paddle-width from the side for
doubles). Hitting your opponent's cup earns you a point and requires the
opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup). If you get the ball in your opponent's
cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains
in the cup (excluding the ball).
	No player may touch the ball prior to its hitting the table or a cup; 
if the ball hits a cup before hitting the table, it remains in play even after
a single bounce on the table. A player may attempt to save a point after the 
ball hits a cup by returning it (provided of course the ball has bounced no 
more than one time).  Multiple hits count only as a single point (exception: 
a ball hitting a cup and then bouncing inside the cup, or inside the partner's 
cup, counts as a 5-point inside-the-cup "poofter"). 
	A number of house rules are common - knocking a cup over is grounds 
for a penalty chug (but no points); ball may not be "auto-returned" via a
fortuitous bounce off the cup, etc. The trajectories of the volleys should
be high arcs, to keep things civilized (and to maximize your chance at a
	Travel hints: Beer pong nets can be created using some string, two 
chairs, and three or four paper towels.

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