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	One of those potentially very sinister games, a chance to piss a lot
of people off, or likewise be pissed off yourself. But hey, you'll be wasted
because this game has a Very Very High buzz factor. You'll need people, beer,
and a deck of cards to play.
	All the cards are dealt to players BUT THEY DON"T LOOK AT THEM. 
Person #1 turns over a card, let's say it's the 3 of hearts.  Person #2 then
turns over a card, say the 8 of hearts.  Now Person #3 tells them both
to start drinking because they have a pair (two hearts) and Person #3
starts counting.  When he gets to the number 3, then person #1 can stop
drinking and when he gets to number 8, person #2 can stop.  The 
problem(?) is that person #3 can count as fast or slow as he wants and 
others have to keep drinking no matter what.  Also, person #3 has to
catch the pair BEFORE he plays his card. 
	Okay, now say person #3 puts down an ace of hearts, then person #4 
tells #'s 1, 2, and 3 to start drinking and counts until 14.  Aces=14.
 	Now say that person #4 puts down an ace of spades, then the next 
person  (before playing his card) catches them and then starts counting to 28.
Because 14+14 =28. (same value is doubled/tripled)  Both #3 and #4 drink 
until 28. 
	This will get you very drunk if you're friends are cruel.  If counting,
feel free to go the the bathroom, get another beer, go on a food run, etc,
while in the process of counting. 

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