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I have a suggestion on a drinking game that I made up this year. It won't
apply to a lot of people unless they attended a lot of Chicago Cubs games.

The rules are simple, but the game can only be played whenever Carlos 
Zambrano is pitching, and your at the game. I wasn't sure whether to call
the game Zambeerno or Beer Nuts, but the game is quite simple. If you have
ever watched this guy pitch you will know that he is constantly grabbing 
his nuts. So everytime he grabs his nuts, you must drink. There are times 
where he will "re-adjust" for about 5-10 seconds and its usually before 
or after every pitch. If he does it for an extended period of time you must 
drink the entire time. I will assure you, it is quite fun. My friends and I 
get a blast playing it every Zambrano Cubs game we attend. 

Just a suggestion, probably won't apply to many people though like I said. 

Submitted by: John

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