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This reached me by email, after several forwardings.  Earliest From
is TLE::DIEWALD (at DEC?) and early subject line was
"Making the rounds at Dupont..." 
The order of channel-hopping is NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN.  At each commercial,
unless otherwise indicated by further rules, the channel is changed.
If you hear someone on TV say "scud," take a swig of beer and change
the channel except during scud attacks (see below).
If someone says "Patriot," everyone in the room must salute.  The last
person to salute takes a shot.
If a scud attack is reported, everyone must hold their breath.  The first
person to breathe must go to a sealed room while everyone else takes a shot.
That player remains in the room until the "all clear" is sounded.
If someone says "somewhere in eastern Saudi Arabia" everyone must shout
"Dhahran." The last person takes a shot and must forego the next "scud."
The same applies for shouting "Riyadh" upon hearing the phrase "a large
airbase in central Saudi Arabia."  Anyone naming the wrong city must
also take a shot unless they shout "Taif" before they are called on the
Whenever Wolf Blitzer appears on the screen, everyone must shout
"woof woof" and drink a wine spritzer.
A shot of Kahlua and coffee is kept on the table.  Whenever the phrase
"ground war," "ground assault," or "ground attack" are used, the first
person to grab the shot gets it.
Every time Dan Rather says something stupid, all shout "change the
channel." The last person to do so takes a shot and is forced to watch CBS
on another TV until the next "scud."  I realize that this one is a judgment
call, but the odds are that it won't be long before he says something
stupid anyway.  Of course, if Sam Donaldson is on ABC, change the channel.

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