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Group players in a circle. Put any question/answer type 
game in the center. The game begins by choosing one 
person as a "chaser" and another as the "runner". The 
chaser picks a question from the deck and reads it aloud. 
The runner decides whether to play or pass. If the runner 
passes then he must drink. Activity cards may make the 
game more interesting. If the runner answers the question 
correctly then the chaser has to perform the action on 
the card. If the runner gets answers wrong then he must 
do the action.

Obviously, it is possible to avoid a 50% possibility of 
performing an "activity" by simply continuing to pass... 
but this also means you drink *every* time. Eventually, 
you might decide to risk it.

Now if you are the chaser... you are more or less at the 
mercy of the runner.

Each turn is for only one question, and the runner and 
chaser position each rotates one person clockwise each 
turn. Everyone gets to play

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