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Items needed:
6 cups (shot glasses, coffee mugs, glasses, whatever)
1-6 sided die
line the six cups up and they are numbered 1 thru 6
first cup being #1 and second #2 and so on
first roller rolls the die, since this is the first time all cups are empty, 
whatever number u roll, pour some of your drink in the cup, 
don't matter how much, a little, a lot, whatever.
next roller rolls, whatever number u get either 
drink the drink in the cup or if empty pour some in
this continues until everyone is soused :)
example play,
player 1 rolls a 2, pours some in cup 2
player 2 rolls a 3, pours some in cop 3
player 3 rolls a 2, drinks outta cup 2
player 4 rolls a 1, pours some in cup 1
player 5 rolls a 2, pours some in cup 2
player 5 rolls a 3, drinks outta cup 3
and on and on and on

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