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    	Takes a bit to catch onto, but once understood, quite a 
competitive game. Requires people, beer and dice. Mid buzz factor.

	Someone arbitrarily goes first by rolling the dice. The score for
the dice is as follows: 

        2 & 1 = Mexican, the highest possible roll.
	  (if you throw one of these, the eventual loser has to drink 
    	  double the standard drinking quantity being used for the game.)
	  (each subsequent mexican in that round will double the required
	  drink for loser). More easily understood later.
    	3 & 1 =	scumbag 
	  the thrower immediately has to consume one drink.  This 
    	  throw does not count as one of the thrower's goes.
    	Any double = 100 times the double i.e., double 1 scores 100,
	  double 2 scores 200 etc.
    	Any other throw = The highest number multiplied by 10 + the smallest
	  number i.e., 5 & 4 scores 54, 6 & 1 scores 61 etc.
    	The starter has the choice of one, two of three rolls to obtain the
best score they can. The starter's score is the score of their last throw
i.e., if you throw a 61 then 63 with your first two throws and elect to take
a third throw, you must count the third throw even if it's lower. Every other
player in the game has the choice of throwing up to as many times as the
starter i.e., if the starter takes one throw, all other players have only
one throw.
    	Holding a dice - if a player has more than one throw available,
they may hold a 1 or a 2 (if thrown) for subsequent throws i.e., if you have
2 or 3 throws and you throw a 4:1 on your first go, you may, if you wish, only
pick up the 4 and throw it as your next go. This tactic will increase your
chance of a mexican, while also increasing your chance of a low score or
scumbag. If you throw a scumbag you may not hold the 1.
    	The loser is the person who throws the lowest score. In the event of 
a tie, all players with the lowest score must roll one dice and the lowest
number loses.
	Play as many rounds as desired.

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