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Everybody sits in a circle and one person starts by picking a topic like, "U.S. state capitals". 
The person who picked the topic must start by naming a U.S. state capital and go around 
in the circle, following them. The first person to get stumped must take a drink 
(they have a 5 second time limit). If a person get stumped, they can lie 
(for example, saying "Paris", which is not a U.S. state capital) and try 
to get away with it but if the next person catches them by saying "STOP!", 
the person who lied must drink. If the next person doesn't catch the liar, 
and the next person AFTER them catches it, the person before them who didn't 
catch the liar must drink. If a person repeats a U.S. state capital that has 
already been mentioned previously and the next person catches them by saying 
"STOP!", the person who mistakenly repeated their answer must drink. If a 
person makes a false claim and says "STOP!" but is proven wrong, they must drink.

The next person after the person who drank picks a new category and the process repeats.

Suggestions for good topics:

- U.S. state capitals
- Movies starting with the letter ___ (insert letter)
- Movies directed by ___________ (insert director's name)
- Names of chocolate bars
- Past presidents of the U.S.
- Names of car makes
- Names of card games
- Countries in Africa
- #1 Hit songs of the 80's
- Names of musicians who have passed
- Names of beers (or cocktails)
- Countries starting with the letter ___ (insert letter) 

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