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Ally McBeal

Number of Drinks can be measured in "fingers" (refers 
to number of fingers against the side of the glass - 
this should even up size advantage). You could go with 
sip, gulp, slurp, down the drink too. Additional "tack on" 
drinks are noted and are cumulative.

Drink when:

You get to see Ally's shoes. Twice if her feet are bare. 
Ally has a fantasy sequence, such as being flung from 
the back of a dump truck, giant tongues etc. Stop drinking 
if it doesn't make sense. 
Both Ally and Rene (roommate) appear in pyjamas. Drink 
twice if they're eating ice cream. Drink three times if 
they start singing. 
Ooogachaka dancing baby shows up. 
There is sexual tension between Ally and Billy. 
Ally comments on something (usually herself) and adds, 
"...and that's a McBealism." 
Ally dances. Drink twice if she's wearing pyjamas. 
Ally gets married. Get slaughtered. 

John Cage 

John Cage gets a date. 
John Cage is referred to as "The Biscuit". 
When and as John Cage drinks (usually a glass of water). 
When John Cage "takes a moment". Twice if someone else does it. 

Richard Fish 

Richard Fish makes a "Fishism". (usually followed by 
"...that's a Fishism." 
Fish brushes over something he's said with "Bygones." 
Twice if it's another character using it. 
Fish touches a woman's wattle. 


Elaine talks about her face-bra project. Twice if she wears it. 
Elaine calls Ally "snappish". 


Someone hears "the bells". 
Male and female character in the Unisex bathroom. 
NB If the toilet flushes you must call out who you think 
is in the toilet. Everyone else drinks again if you guess 
correctly. You drink twice if you're wrong and Cage uses his remote flush.

You see both of the Twins (geeky guys at Ally's bar). Drink 
twice if it's one alone. 
There is a tampon/sanitary product commercial in one of the breaks. 
Off TV
Ally McBeal seems to inspire audience participation, so: 

Anyone in the room shouts, "too right!" or "go on Ally!" or 
anything remotely similar. Drink twice if that person is male 
as he should know better. He finishes his drink. 
Anyone in the room (male or female) comments on the length of 
Ally's skirts, or lack thereof. Extra drink if they are male 
and they say they are too short (they aren't). 
Any women in the room say Ally is too thin. 
If the TV guide describes the episode as comedy drama. Twice 
if it uses the term "dramedy." If anyone in the room uses it, 
hit them with the bottle (or a cushion). 
Anybody in the room offers Ally advice (e.g. "No Ally, he's 
married/ugly/fat/a Rabbi, don't do that!"). They get to finish 
their drink if they should take their own advice

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