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						It's called Drinkin' Crazy 8's and it's pretty much Crazy 8's/UNO.

The rules are: "anything below a 4 and you're drinkin"

First take two 4's out of the deck and place them off to the side.
The rest of the cards are shuffled and dealt and the deck is placed in the
middle with the first card turned face up.  Play goes clockwise from the
dealer's left and the player has to play either the same suit, the same
rank, or a 4 or 8.

Play continues normally until one player runs out of cards.  If the player
doesn't say "Crazy Eights" when he/she has 1 remaining card, he/she must
draw 3 cards and take 3 drinks.  If the following cards (4 and under) are
played, drinkin' takes place:
A: next player must drink.
2:  next player must take 2 drinks and draw 2 cards.
3:  next player must drink.
4:  Wild Card.  Next player must take 4 drinks and draw 4 cards.  The
player who played the card can change the suit.
8:  Wild Card.  Next player must take a drink.  The player who played the
card can change the suit.

2's and 4's can be stacked on top of eachother, causing the drinks and
cards to be drawn to be multiplied and passed on to the next player.

If a player cannot play, he/she must draw from the deck until a playable
card is drawn.  The last person to take from the deck must drink (of
course) and re-shuffle.

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