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What you need: - A group of people (6-10 is good)
               - A monopoly board
               - A shot glass
               - A tall glass
               - Bottle of alcohol
               - Every person should have a drink
How to play:

Every person brings a bottle of liquor. It's good if this can be planned
in advance so that the largest variety of drinks can be made with the 
different types of alcohol present. You might also need things like tabasco, 
orange juice, lemons, etc. (The iDrink website is extremely helpful. I wish
it existed when we first played this game.)

Depending on the number of people playing and the number of drinks that can
be made, assign a different mixed drink or shot to each colour or property. 
When someone lands on that property that person has to drink whatever drink 
has been assigned to it. If there is someone that is not drinking it may be 
wise to make them the 'banker', who mixes the drinks to keep things clean 
and fair as the game progresses.

If someone goes to jail, every time someone else drinks they have to follow
suit. Everytime someone passes go everyone else except that person has to 
drink. Everytime someone lands on a tax of some sort they put some of their 
drink into the tall glass in the middle and when someone lands on free 
parking they have to drink it. You will need to have cards for community 
chest (get out of jail, bathroom cards, etc. otherwise the people who are 
in jail are screwed) and chance (give/take # amount of drinks).

Game ends when everyone is on the floor, in the bathroom, or at the hospital.

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