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	A mental game, a manipulative game. "States" is a great game to play
with gullible people and really simple to play, if you know the pattern.
Gather up some people who want to play, and don't forget the beverage.
	You have a circle of drinkers, only a few of which know the game.  
You go around th circle naming states and the people that don't know the 
pattern try to guess it. The pattern is this: you have to say 'um' before you 
say a state.  There are many psyche out techniques such as repeating the same 
state as the last person, asking what other people said. You're whole goal
is to deceive those who don't know into thinking they do.
	There is not really a penalty or drinking rule for this game. It's
very casual, drink as you like type of game. 

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