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Quimbambuli drink recipe

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Quimbambuli drink recipe made with Red Wine,Rum,Sugar,White Wine,. How to make a Quimbambuli with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
2BottleRed WineSweetRed Wine
10cubeSugar Sugar
1BottleWhite Wine White Wine
Add white and red wine to a large stock pot. Heat on range-top on medium heat until steaming. Transfer heated wine to punch bowl. Lay long pair of tongs over mouth of punch bowl. Balance 10 sugar cubes on tongs. Pour 4 oz. rum over sugar cubes. Light saturated sugar. Pour remaining rum over burning sugar. CAUTION: rum will burn hot blue flame. Sugar cubes will burn away and fall into wine and rum mixture. Stir to dissolve sugar and serve warm. Serves several.

Official drink of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity--history and song available at

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