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Rum Information

Alcoholic: Yes
Description: Made by distilling the fermented juice of sugar cane, cane syrup and molasses at 190 proof (160 proof for New England rums). It is bottled and sold at 80 proof. Aged in uncharred barrels, it picks up very little color. Caramel is added to create dark rums. Most rums are a blend of several kinds.
Gravity: 0.0
Percent Alcohol: 0.0 %
Colour: white or brown

Rum Drink Recipes

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Brands of Rum

10 Cane Rum
Admiral Nelson's Rum
Appleton Estates Rum
Bacardi Rum
Captain Morgan Rum
Cartavio Rum
Castillo Rum
Coruba Rum
Cruzan Rum
Flor de Cana Rum
Galleon Rum
Gosling's Rum
Gurby's Rum
Hana Bay Rum
Havana Club Rum
Lamb's Rum
Malibu Rum
Meyer's Rum
Myers Rum
Old Monk Rum
Old Oak Rum
Pusser's Rum
Ron Anejo Rum
Ron Diaz Rum
Ron Matusalem Rum
Ron Miel Indias Rum
Ron Rico Rum
Royal Swan Rum
Sailor Jerry Rum
Seagrams Rum
Stroh Rum
Tanduay Rum
Whaler's Rum
Wray & Nephew Rum

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