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Brandy Information

Alcoholic: Yes
Description: Made from a fermented mash of grapes or fruit. Generally they are aged in oak casks and bottled at 80 to 84 proof. Cognac & Armagnac are special varieties made from grapes grown in specific areas of France.
Gravity: 0.0
Percent Alcohol: 40.0 %
Colour: Brown

Brandy Drink Recipes

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Brands of Brandy

Barclay's Brandy
Christian Brothers Brandy
Coronet VSQ Brandy
Courvosier Brandy
Don Pedro Brandy
E & J Brandy
Felipe II Brandy
Hennessy Brandy
Jacquins Brandy
Laine Napoleon Brandy
Paul Masson Brandy
Presidente Brandy
Remy Martin Brandy

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