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Springbok drink recipe

Springbok  recipe
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Springbok drink recipe made with Cream,Creme de Menthe,Irish Cream,. How to make a Springbok with all the instructions and ingredients.
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Ingredients to use:
1shotCreme de Menthe Creme de Menthe
1shotIrish Cream Irish Cream

pour one shot creme de menthe

spoon on one shot irish cream

top with CREAM


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What our users have to say about Springbok recipe:

heather said on 2008-05-20 09:38:44.670
this annoys me greatly
a sprinbok is indeed a south african shooter, therefore it is made with amarula cream, not irish cream, this is pure logic and i find it very irritating that this incorrect recipie is so widely used, also this recipie includes cream, there should bo only creme de menthe and amarula in this drink

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