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Midori Sour drink recipe

Midori Sour  recipe
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Midori Sour drink recipe made with Melon liqueur,Sweet and Sour mix,. How to make a Midori Sour with all the instructions and ingredients.
Recipe Rating: 4.4 stars based on 4998 votes
Ingredients to use:
3ozMelon liqueur Melon liqueur
1.5ozSweet and Sour mix Sweet and Sour mix
stir well, serve in lowball glass
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What our users have to say about Midori Sour recipe:

sam said on 2008-05-09 22:07:06.110
u need 2 oz of sprite cuz if not it taste way to sweet!

Me said on 2008-11-17 22:37:24.000
Try this.
What about the vodka? Add vodka to the mix. Melon liqueur, vodka and the sweet and sour mix. Try it. Its hella good. And don't forget the ice.

Lisa said on 2008-12-24 13:06:53.040
Recipe Is Wrong
A Midori Sour typically also has grenadine and sprite\7-up in it.

Mrs Carito said on 2009-07-10 14:18:34.210
Take it easy on the sweet n sour!
Did vodka and sprite too sweet be careful! lol

vijay chouhan said on 2010-09-28 09:19:45.550
melon matini
iagree with mrs carito because melon liq also so sweet put lemon juice splash of soda serve with crused ice

drinker said on 2011-03-13 21:47:58.060
been ordering midori sour since i was old enough to drink this is how it comes served with a cherry never had someone hand me a drink with sprite or vodka try it its great

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